Finding the Best Dog Food Brands

As someone who’s worked at the pet food industry for many years, written about the best dog food brands, researched the latest best dog food, and spoken to countless other pet lovers about this topic, first on my list as a top priority is for dog owners to know exactly what makes certain dog food brands best for their particular dog. There are several things that can influence which dog food brand you choose, so learning all of them is crucial to your dog’s health. Some of the things to consider are common sense, as well as others that may seem like common sense but which often go overlooked by many. This article focuses on some of the most important factors which should be examined.

One important factor in choosing the best dog food brands for your dog is the ingredients used in making the product. Although it is possible to find quality products without any ingredients at all, the cost of the product will be greatly increased. For example, one of the best dog food brands on the market today is Purina. They offer a variety of products including premium canned and kibble, but their best sellers are their dry dog food products, which use only premium beef and chicken meat and other natural, wholesome ingredients.

When choosing the best dog food brands for your canine friend, look for one that offers both kibble and dry choices. It is important to get plenty of vitamins and minerals in their diets, especially Vitamin A and E, because these are good for maintaining good overall health. However, many veterinarians recommend that feeding your canine raw foods or cooked meals is best, because the ingredients are more natural and are safer for them to consume. Raw foods contain a higher concentration of nutrients than cooked foods, and they help improve their dental health as well.

Other factors that affect your choice of best dog food brands are the breed of your pet, and the specific type of breed you own. Do some research to discover the specific breed your dog belongs to and then consider the specific requirements the breed requires in terms of nutrition. Some breeds have much more sensitive stomachs than others, so if you are planning to feed your dog an expensive brand, make sure that it matches its digestive system. For example, German shepherds, which are known for having a very strong sense of smell, should not be fed any foods that are particularly strong, since this could trigger their sensitivity to the chemicals used in the food. Other sensitive stomachs include Long haired, Fox Terrier, Golden Retriever and Old English Sheepdogs. Although these dogs may seem to have it easier when it comes to selecting food, they still have individual dietary requirements just like humans do.

Another important factor that you need to consider when choosing the best dog food brands is whether or not they use natural ingredients or whether they use chemical additives to increase the shelf life of the product. Natural ingredients are usually much better for your pets because they are healthier and have fewer risks of side effects. In fact, some natural ingredients can even help improve the overall health of your pet and lower the risk of diseases. Some common natural ingredients used by premium brand manufacturers include onions, garlic, bananas, lean beef, chicken, brown rice, cod liver oil, alfalfa sprouts and whole grain rice.

Some pet food manufactures also use fillers, such as beef fat, chicken broth and other substances in order to extend the shelf life of their food products. Even though some pet owners are wary of chemical additives, many natural ingredients used in premium quality dog foods are just as beneficial as chemical additives. Just because a food has meat or other animal byproducts in it does not mean that it is bad for your pet. Animals are naturally healthy and have lived with us for millions of years before we started using antibiotics and other unnatural substances to kill bacteria and keep sick animals from the table. If it is healthy enough to eat, then it’s healthy enough to feed to your pet.

Other elements that make up premium quality dog foods include fresh meats, fresh vegetables, grains and other organic products. Organic materials are gentler on your dogs digestive tract than conventional products and do not contain any artificial ingredients. You should avoid pet foods that have a lot of artificial colorings or flavorings. These additives can irritate dogs digestive tracts and may cause diarrhea or other problems. Another important factor in good quality foods is making sure that the source of the nutrients is real food. Many manufacturers will package nutrient content information into the package but not all sources are real food sources.

For example, water is a common ingredient in most dog foods, but it is completely worthless. Water reduces the nutrient content of the food. Moreover, the antioxidant value of antioxidants is greatly reduced when they are added to water or other fluids. The best quality ingredients will have their antioxidant values listed separately so you can check them for yourself. All nutrient content should be properly rounded for your pets’ health.

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