Barf Diet For Dogs – The Best Type of Diet For Your Dog

If you are looking for a good healthy alternative to the commercial dog food available in the market, then the Barf Diet for Dogs is one of the options that you may consider. Raw feeding is basically the process of feeding domestic dogs, both cats and other pets a diet mainly consisting of raw meat, bones and other edible organs. The raw diet does not need to be followed for the entire life of the animal, but certain portions of it should be done on a daily basis for better health.

This diet is different from the commercial dog food available in the market in the sense that the ingredients are not changed in the middle, but only the portion amounts are changed. Therefore, the nutrition value of the diet is primarily dependent upon the proportion of parts of various ingredients that are present in the meal. The ingredients can range from meat such as beef, lamb, duck, venison, salmon, etc to plant based foods such as rice, beans, wheat, etc. The diet that is provided for your dog can be classified into three categories, based on the distribution of nutrients in the diet. The first category of foods supplies the necessary dietary nutrients for maintenance of the muscle and bone structure of the dog, while the second category provides the necessary dietary nutrition for growth of the skeletal muscles and the digestive system of the dog and lastly the third category provides all the required vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are essential for the proper functioning of the entire body.

There are certain principles that must be kept in mind while you go through the Barf Diet for dogs. First of all, you should know that the diet is a raw food based one. This means that there should not be any other foodstuffs like grains or cereals in the same as you feed your pet. Rather, you should provide them with raw meat such as meat from the back or the front part of the animal. Similarly, the meals should be fed in small portions so that they do not become obese.

It is important for you to know that the purpose of this diet is to enhance the functioning of the liver of your dog. As a matter of fact, the liver is considered as the master control organ for the metabolic processes. It removes the fat soluble chemicals from the blood and stores them in the liver. If the liver is overloaded with these chemicals, it will have no option but to store them in the form of fat. This will result in blockage of the blood circulation and you will find out that there will be many problems arising as a result of it.

In the process of enhancing the functionality of the liver in this way, the Barf Diet for dogs is also providing a good amount of proteins and the right balance of the nutrients. Along with the whole prey model of feeding, this includes ingredients such as fish, chicken, beef, venison, etc. along with non-animal products such as corn, peas, potatoes, etc.

The diet is based on raw or semi-raw meat or bone. For example, if the animal meat used for preparing this food is chicken, the food is also available as chicken meal, fish meal or even beef bone. The bone is also an important ingredient of this type of diet since the natural nutrients that are present in the bone will help your dog in maintaining a healthy bones. This is because the natural nutrients present in the bones will help in supporting the kidney functions as well as other essential body functions. Therefore, it is always recommended that when buying this type of food make sure that it comes in its entire form.

Another very important thing to note about this diet is that it is a very natural diet. Therefore, your pet can easily adjust to this type of diet. Even if you have previously fed your pet with commercial pet foods, you can just gradually switch to this one and see the difference yourself. Although many people will find it strange to start feeding this type of diet for dogs, but after they observe the benefits, they will realize that this is indeed the best option for their beloved pets. This is also a very cost effective option compared to purchasing expensive commercial foods.

Furthermore, this type of diet for dogs is healthy for the digestive system of the dogs. The diet also contains various essential minerals and vitamins which will provide your pet with the necessary vitamins and minerals needed in maintaining a healthy digestive system. As mentioned earlier, this diet also incorporates raw meat which is beneficial for the health and nutrition of the dog. The raw meat used in this type of feeder will help in preventing diseases such as arthritis. This is because the raw meat contains a high amount of anti-oxidants which will reduce the level of inflammation in the joints of your pet dog.

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