Are Hill’s Science Diet Dog Foods Right For Your Small Dog?

Hill’s Science Diet is easily one of the most popular dog foods in the United States. It’s in the Top-5 dog food brands in America. They make a huge amount of dog and cat food every day, and pride themselves in giving the best quality-to Price pet food. However, the majority of Hill’s Science diet dog food reviews have been very positive, including both by veterinarians and pet owners world wide. Here are some reasons why.

When you read many Hill’s Science Diet dog food reviews, you will see that the primary reason people love their pet’s pet food is because of its affordability. Dog and cat foods are expensive. Especially when you consider that they must also be processed. Manufacturers do this to keep their costs down. Processed foods are more likely to have artificial colorings, preservatives, and other chemicals.

That’s not the only problem though. Dry food, even animal protein, doesn’t provide many nutrients for your dog. Animals used for food such as chickens and fish are fed very little, if any at all, in order to maintain their weight. Dogs on the other hand, need a great deal more nutrition than a chicken or fish meal.

To maintain good health, especially for your aging pet, you need much more nutrition than just animal protein. A balanced diet must contain the correct balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fats to be effective. Many companies would have you believe that a dog food diet consisting solely of chicken meal and rice is adequate. However, even the leanest of chicken meals can be extremely high in carbohydrates.

The only ingredient in many dog foods that provide the animal protein your dog needs is water. This ingredient is necessary because without it, animal protein simply cannot be properly assimilated. If you look at any dog food recipe and the ingredient list, you’ll see that there are practically no vegetables listed. The exception may be a trace amount in the case of some meats. Even then, there are usually a lot of grains in the recipe.

Even among the top dog foods nutrition experts, there seems to be little agreement on what the best diet for your dog should be. That’s because there are so many opinions on what a healthy dog is. Some people believe that a healthy dog should have high quality meat. Others prefer to use poultry. And yet others believe that dogs can get all of the nutrition they need from vegetables. None of these ideas has been fully accepted by the scientific community.

The Hill’s Science diet recommends that a dog food recipe use a chicken meal as the main ingredient in its six-week old toy breed. The AAFCO nutritional guidelines for dogs use a minimum of 15% crude protein for adult small dogs and an adult small dog should be fed twice the amount of meat a human adult eats every day. A Hill’s Science Diet Recipe for Toy breeds recommends using a chicken meal and whole grain rice in its dog foods nutrition. The AAFCO dog food recommendations for dogs and puppies also state that adult small dogs should be fed one ounce of cooked chicken per pound of body weight.

Although Hill’s Science Diet offers many healthy options for dogs, it does not recommend a balanced diet for all breeds. As with humans, all dogs require a combination of good fats, carbohydrates, protein and the proper amounts of fiber to maintain their health. If you’re looking for a healthy, balanced dog food, you might consider looking for another company to supply your dog’s nutrition.

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